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“I didn’t realise it could be this easy! The roof came in one order we could get the scaff down quicker saving money there too. When you add up all the labour and material savings I would have saved well over a grand compared to the long-run roofs that we have done in the past. CBS is definitely helping my business and I will certainly be using Metrotile again.”

- Cadmy Vlasin, Cadmy Builders, CBS Member


Benefits of Metrotile

✔ Installation in almost any weather


Due to the size of the panels they aren't impacted by the wind during installation like sheets of Long Run can be and we also have an improved non-slip coating on our satin tiles to ensure they can be installed in the wet. Meaning your build can suffer less weather delays and downtime as you wait to get the roof enclosed, ensuring you can keep to your schedule.



With Metrotile the entire roofing system gets delivered up-front, often on one pallet saving you space on site and reducing delivery costs. When the roofing contractors arrive they have everything they need on site to fully complete the job then and there, meaning there are no delays for the pre-install measuring and sheet manufacturing or the post-install measuring and finishing flashing manufacturing. Once our contractors have left the site the roof is complete, meaning there is no need to keep scaffolding up as you wait for the contractors to come back to complete the job as long as no other trades need the use of scaffolding, often saving 3 days of scaffold hire.  



Often in Long Run quotes the purlins are not included as these are installed by yourselves, or one of our workers. On an average sized house the purlins, timber and fixings cost approx. $1,700, assuming it takes 2 workers on $40 an hour, 8 hours to fix the purlins, this cost increases to approx. $2,340, meaning you are spending this much before the roof has even started going on. However with Metrotile our roofing contractors install the battens saving you and your guys time, as you no longer need to get up on the roof and install purlins, instead focusing your time on key tasks elsewhere in the building process. Keeping the builders building and roofers roofing, leads to increased productivity on site. 

✔ Backed by BRANZ


Metrotile are currently the only pressed metal tile company in New Zealand to have an appraisal from the largest independent construction testing and research organisation, BRANZ, who have appraised our products to meet or exceed the New Zealand building code. We have also tested our products around the globe and they exceed every common benchmark for strength and durability. In fact, our roofs are fire and earthquake safe, hail and wind resistant and will never warp or rust like other materials. Even in an area prone to severe weather events like hail or cyclones our roofs will stand the test of time.

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