CF Shake

Rustic charm of traditional shake with "Concealed Fastening" technology


  • Charcoal Blend
  • Barkwood
  • Weathered Wood

Product Specifications

Overall Length
1335 mm
Length of cover
1260 mm
Width of cover
370 mm
Roof cover /Tile
0.46 m
Tiles /m2
Weight /Tile
3.5 kg
Weight /m2
7.5 kg
Minimum roof pitch
15 degrees

Technical documents

  • CF Shake Product Specifications
    • pdf
  • CF Shake Technical Data Sheet
    • pdf
  • CF Shake Brochure
    • pdf
  • CF Shake and Shingle Batten Layout
    • pdf
  • CF Shake - Change of Pitch Detail - Battens
  • CAD Files Resource Centre

Metrotile performance guarantees

All of Metrotile's roof tiles and accessories are made from Zinaclume® in our ISO 9001 accredited factory in Takanini, Auckland. We source the best raw materials for every step of our manufacturing process and have a rigorous quality control process to ensure our products meet the very highest standards.  

Be inspired

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