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MossBoss is the newest advance in mould removal and roof cleaning technology. It acts fast to remove mould, moss, lichen and other gunge from any outdoor surface. Simply mix the formula with water, spray it on the affected area, and sit back as it begins to work its magic.


Your Moss Boss Will:

•  Easily eliminate dangerous slippery surfaces from around your home

•  Remove unsightly moss, lichen and mould from roofs, pathways and other surfaces

•  Help clear and unclog gutters and pipes

The MossBoss formula reactivates each time it rains, so your surfaces will continue to clean themselves without any extra time and effort on your part. And MossBoss is a 100% environmentally friendly mould remover – it biodegrades naturally over time, leaving no harmful waste behind.


The bottom line:

MossBoss is the 100% clean, green solution for fast, effective moss and mould removal and a safer, visually flawless home environment. Ready to kill moss and mould for good? 



MossBoss is a specially-developed formula for cleaning outdoor surfaces and removing mould, moss, lichen and other unsightly gunge.

It  helps keep your property looking spic and span, gets rid of unsafe slippery surfaces, and clears away moss and mould that can clog up drains and cause expensive plumbing problems.

Why Use MossBoss?

MossBoss is superior to other roof-cleaning and mould removal products for several key reasons:  

  • It acts fast – no waiting around for weeks or months for mould to die off  
  • It’s completely environmentally friendly – it produces no hazardous waste or chemicals  
  • It reactivates every time it rains – meaning you don’t have to repeatedly re-apply it  
  • It kills and removes almost any type of gunge, moss, lichen and mould

For more information please download the MossBoss Brochure.

Who Makes MossBoss?

MossBoss has been developed and distributed by Ross Roof Group, an international company with a global reputation in excellence for durable roof tiling systems. RRG recognized that roof tile customers had a common problem: keeping their roofs, and other surfaces around the home, free of moss and mould. MossBoss was developed as a fast, effective solution to that problem.

RRG gives MossBoss the same commitment to quality and attention to detail they have become known for around the world with their tiling products.



MossBoss – The results speak for themselves.


Timber Cladding


Concrete Tile Roofing



After Mossboss


After Mossboss


Brick Wall



Metal Tile Roofing


After Mossboss


After Mossboss


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