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GET That new roof look with metrogard

Transform your roof with Metrogard Roof Restoration Systems.

We can enhance your home’s appearance dramatically. We can safeguard your investment in your most valuable asset. We can help you make the most of your home’s resale value. And we can do all this for a fraction of the cost of
a new roof.

Metrogard systems can restore almost any type of roof quickly and cost effectively. You’ll like our colour range. You’ll appreciate our 10 year pro-rata warranty. Most of all, you’ll love the results. Download the Metrogard Brochure.



Concrete Roof: Restore Concrete Tiles

First a chemical wash is applied to the roof and left for at least 24 hours to kill any moss, fungus and lichen, and to prevent regrowth.

The roof is then water blasted to thoroughly clean it and to remove any loose, flaking or cracked paint, as well as dirt.

Next, any broken or cracked tiles are replaced, and mortar work can be performed to repair loose ridges. Following this a protective base coat is applied, then a further double-layer coat of fast-drying, pure acrylic roof paint in your choice of colour.



Pressed Metal Tile Roof: Transform Stone Chip Coated Roofs

The roof is chemically treated and water blasted as for concrete tiles. Then any split tiles are replaced. The old metal tiles had Before a bituminous base coat so, to ensure good paint adhesion, a specially developed bituminous and acrylic primer is applied first, followed by the topcoat, which is an elastomeric paint mixed with stone chips.

Unlike other companies, who apply the paint and then hand feed the chips, we mix the paint and chips and apply them together to guarantee a full and even coverage. This method is far superior to others for consistency of finish.

Once the roof is resurfaced, bad dents are removed as far as practical. 



Clay Roof: Moss-proofing Clay Roofs Prevents Damage

Natural clay roofs don’t fade, so they don’t need painting. But they can still suffer ongoing damage from unsightly moss, lichen and fungus.

Metrogard chemical wash treatment kills any moss or fungal growth and inhibits new growth. The water blasting process then rids your roof of all dead moss and dirt.  Any necessary repairs can then be carried out to leave your roof in top condition once again. To keep moss at bay we recommend having your roof cleaned every two years.   





10 years pro-data warranty

Metrogard comes with a 10-year pro-rata warranty. Properly applied and maintained your Metrogard-treated roof will not chip, flake or peel and will continue to protect your home from the elements. Must be used by a Metrotile Authorised Installer.



17 popular colours

Metrogard offers you 17 popular fashion colours to suit any New Zealand home. You can recapture the look your roof had when it was new or recolour it completely for a whole new look. It’s your choice.

Note: Colours shown on this website are a representation only. Please refer to the product sample or the actual Metrogard colour swatch.

Denim Blue

Dark brown

Copper Brown




Forest Green





Metro Red

Moss Green

Permanent Green