Become the boss. Control the moss.

Product Specifications

1 Litre will cover approx. 5 m2 on porous surfaces (Clay and Concrete tile Roofs) and approx. 10 m2 on non-porous surfaces (Pressed metal and Longrun Roofs)
1 part MossBoss to 4 parts clean water. (E.g. 5L of MossBoss will create 25L of usable product)

Technical documents

  • MossBoss Brochure
    • pdf
  • MossBoss Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
    • pdf
  • MossBoss Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
    • pdf

Metrotile performance guarantees

All of Metrotile's roof tiles and accessories are made from Zinaclume® in our ISO 9001 accredited factory in Takanini, Auckland. We source the best raw materials for every step of our manufacturing process and have a rigorous quality control process to ensure our products meet the very highest standards.