Our BRANZ appraisals make specification easy

Date: 14 Jul 2021

When it comes to specifying the right products, the stakes have never been higher. See how our BRANZ appraisals help provide confidence and efficiency during the specification process. We look at some of the reasons why specifying the right products is so important right now and how a BRANZ appraisal can help make that easier.

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Be confident that the products you specify meet code.

Why is product specification under the spotlight?

Increasing costs:

Building materials, labour, and as a result the overall costs of construction are rapidly increasing. The problem is a global one with the demand for raw materials, production and construction materials at an all time high, the world is struggling to keep up.

Pressure to get decisions right:

In New Zealand we are also operating in the wake of leaky homes, where homeowners and councils all got burnt. As a result, councils are putting more pressure on architects to stand behind their specification choices and as a result the architects are looking for more assurance from the manufacturers / suppliers. Here we will discuss one of the ways in which manufactures can provide peace of mind to all involved, a BRANZ Appraisal.

Making it easier for everyone:

At Ross Roof Group, we are already had a lot of international test reports and a proud history of product performance in New Zealand, but we were looking for a way to make the specification process easier for our customers. The New Zealand building code is specific to our environmental conditions, and it can be hard for people to decipher how international test reports and various standards relate to New Zealand’s codes and practices.
This led us to the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) New Zealand’s largest independent building research organisation. We worked with BRANZ to get all our Metal Tile profiles appraised.

What is a BRANZ Appraisal?

A BRANZ Appraisal is a robust, in-depth and independent evaluation of a building product or system to assess whether it is fit for purpose and meets Building Code performance requirements. It takes into account test results across various measures, from UV, to wind uplift, wind-driven rain, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and more. This process includes factory inspections, process reviews and field inspections (in our case on roofs over 30 years old). BRANZ looks at these results and their researchers assess how products stack up to the New Zealand building code.
A product will only be awarded an appraisal if BRANZ deem that it meets or exceeds the required level of the building code.

What does a BRANZ Appraisal mean?

Having a BRANZ appraised product makes the specification process easier. It is a stamp of approval that the whole industry values. It provides confidence and reduces the need for further correspondence, reports and opinions to be provided, avoiding delays in the specification process.

Architects know that the products they are specifying have been robustly tested and proven to be fit for purpose.
Homeowners don’t have to worry about the roof, a key component in protecting your home.

So when it comes to making the big decision on which roofing product to specify, you can trust the only BRANZ approved Metal Tile roof in the market. A Metrotile roof.

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