Date: 23 May 2018

Metrotile provides high performing roof tiles, which are ideal for commercial projects and heritage buildings. Metrotile Roofing Systems have a number of benefits, as shown in the recent case study of the St James’ church in Auckland.


Without a vital roof refurbishment, historic St James’ church in Ardmore was in danger of being forced to close. Several of the hardy shingles installed in the 1990s had blown off, causing leaking.

Local business SH Roofing Ltd undertook the new roofing project using Metrotile’s CF Slate tile, in the colour of weathered timber for the main roof and bell tower. These tiles are designed to withstand UV rays and high winds, ensuring performance whatever the weather. 

The existing tongue and groove sarking and all of the timbers were in good condition, allowing for the tiles to be installed directly onto the sarking sub-structure with a new underlay. The complete church re-roof took place over four days in March 2018.

SH Roofing Ltd owner, Scott Harris said once the scaffolding was up, re-roofing of the church was a straightforward operation. The installation team “set aside four days to remove the old hardy shingles and install Metrotile’s CF Slate”. 

Project manager Barry Wrigg said the new roof not only offered superior protection, it also looked great. The exterior now matches the magnificent interior of the church, with its kauri tongue and groove ceiling and exposed beams.

Listed as a Category Two historic building, there were additional aspects to consider as part of the project before work could commence. Using Metrotile’s products made this process effortless as the style of the original roof was never compromised.  

Stone-coated pressed metal tiles use new technologies and materials compared to other traditional roofing products, offering several benefits including durability and an attractive aesthetic. Metrotile’s tiles are ideal for commercial projects and heritage buildings as they retain the look and feel of the original structure. With Metrotile’s 50-year warranty you also have peace of mind when choosing our products. 

Interested in using Metrotile for your next job?

If you’re looking for an innovative product for your next commercial or heritage building project, Metrotile’s metal tiles are a great choice. Metrotile Roofing Systems perform under pressure while giving you the look you want, guaranteed.


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