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About us

Metrotile is manufactured by the Ross Roof Group who has been involved in the roofing industry since 1942. RRG is an innovative and dynamic manufacturer and supplier of stone-coated steel roofing tiles. Metrotile, Established in 1989, has spent the last quarter-century supplying architects, construction firms and homeowners with superior tiles which is both pleasing to the eye and designed to withstand the elements.

The market rewarded our innovative approach, and as a result we have grown to become a major player in the supply of pressed metal roofing tiles around the world. A constant dedication to lifting the industry standard in product design, quality manufacturing and competitiveness has earned us an international reputation for excellence. With our metal roof tiles now installed in over 80 countries and proven in some of the most extreme weather conditions, Metrotile’s products exceed every common benchmark for strength and durability.

Take an Inside Look at Metrotile

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Metrotile has progressively gained status as a world leader in pressed metal tile roofing. From our ISO 9001 accredited factory and development facilities in Auckland, Metrotile manufactures and distributes products to customers in New Zealand and to markets throughout the world. Every tile we create carries the official seal of approval of the International Standards Organisation.

The Metrotile product range comprises ten distinctive pressed steel tile profiles: Bond, Classic, Tudor, Shake, Royal, Roman,
 CF Slate, CF Shingle, and CF Shake and caters for all types of construction, from residential to light-commercial and public works. Available in a wide range of colours, Metrotile’s products are lightweight, versatile and easy to install. Composed of a Zincalume protected steel substrate, covered with natural stone granules or an acrylic satin finish, Metrotile’s products are earthquake, fire and freeze/thaw resistant and can withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 190kph. Metrotile is a member of the family-owned and operated Ross Group of Companies, which have been manufacturing and installing roofing products for over 70 years.


Pioneers in Next-Generation of Roofing

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